The most traditional form of separating pieces of hair for coloring. The stylist picks up pieces of hair with a rattail comb, holds a foil beneath them, and paints the color on the foil. Hair type makes a difference in the timing of the coloring process. An important consideration is hair’s texture—when the individual hairs are coarse (large in diameter) or fine (small in diameter). We use a high-quality color line, your tresses take on new life with rich, vibrant tones that bring out your skin and eye color, with artfully placed highlights that play up your best features, in customized shades created for you. From gold and chestnut to bronze, coppers and reds, we offer color trends and ideas to accentuate your hair. From global color to highlights and grey coverage touch-ups, our stylists ensure perfect hue for the perfect occasion. Get the finest quality hair color/foil and go from limp to luscious in a flash! Be it long, colored or simply voluminous the possibilities are endless. What’s more? Our Hair Experts can customize the perfect texture, color and style for you.